Our Products

Nabulsi white cheese


We stuff our Kullaj with special Nabulsi white cheese to create the formula of great taste.



Filling the Kullaj with walnuts can add a special touch to the unique taste of our Kullaj.



Pistachio can be the perfect filling of our special Kullaj.

Our “Frozen Kullaj”

Due to the high demand on our special “Kullaj” from customers around the world, we our “Frozen Kullaj” with the same taste and quality as our fresh Kullaj to be shipped worldwide for people to enjoy and share the amazing taste of our masterpiece Kullaj with their families and friends.

  • Our “Frozen Kullaj” is prepared in the same way as the fresh one only with less sweet syrup
  • desire after purchase- and cut into approximately (140 gr.) pieces
  • “Frozen Kullaj” undergoes a “Check Freeze” with a temperature that goes almost 40 degrees below zero
  • Packaged through our special vacuum packaging process making it valid for a period of 1 year from production date.