Our vision

We at “Kullaj Omar” make sure to use the best ingredients so we can deliver the best quality and sustain the original special taste of “Kullaj” to maintain our customers satisfaction.

Our Products

“Kullaj” is a traditional Palestinian sweet that is well-known in Levant. It’s a special kind of dough stuffed with one of a kind “Nabulsi” white cheese, walnut or pistachio. And placed in oven until it’s golden crisp then you add the sweet syrup as desired. Nowadays “Kullaj” is one of the most famous sweets in the Middle East. Where all tourists and residents are enjoying the amazing traditional flavor.

It all began in 1969

The story began in Nablus where Mr. Maher Malhis came up with the best special ingredients to deliver the most delicious “Kullaj” in Nablus. In 1970 Mr. Malhis moved to Amman, Jordan to open his first branch in Jabal Al-Hussain under the name of “Kullaj Omar”, which became the first step of our success story and now it’s one of the most famous sweet stores with 3 branches in Amman, Jordan.